….and Now they Use Covid as an Excuse for Air Corridors!

Here is a snippet from the latest release from the UK Space Agency (17/10):

Apian, part of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, aims to establish a network of secure air corridors for electric drones to navigate via satellite-enabled GPS. Each drone will be able to carry COVID-19 samples, test-kits and PPE. This will avoid courier call-out waiting times, free-up NHS staff, reduce unnecessary physical contact and minimise the risk of secondary transmission of the virus.

I thought that a vaccine was due any time soon. If this is so then why would they need drones to carry Covid tests? Is this a case of someone jumping on the bandwaggon in a flash in the pan exercise to take funding from a pot of gold set aside for the NHS? Or does it also play into the hands of the politicians getting their funding from big business wanting modellers out of the skies?

So now someone else wants their own secure air corridors and the Government is all for it as they will be able to make money from selling the rights no doubt. I am sure we can all guess at what height they will want to fly and no doubt in straight lines as it costs extra money not to. No doubt this will all be to the disregard of the Model Flyers who have been here as long as aviation itself and have made it possible for them to do what they are now intending. As our MP Duncan Baker was told by his senior when he represented our case for us, only in a few more politically correct words – Fu*k the model flyers.