We Did It

Well the final figures for the attendances at the field for 2018 are in. In 2017 we managed 1,792 hours between us and we thought it was going to be hard to beat in 2018 but we got there with a final figure of 1,906 hours. That sets some kind of target for 2019! This was achieved on 177 days out of the 365 day year, surprising really as you ask anyone we had a bad year weather wise.

Good Weather Approaches :)

Yes we finally have a forecast for some good weather, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and yes you guessed it Boxing Day. However may start off with some mist/fog as the wind has dropped 🙁 I am sure some of us will get the chance for a few flights, good luck to those that do.

Last Years Attendance Hours – Beaten

For the last few years now we have managed to increase our overall field attendance hours each and every year. This has to reflect that we are doing something right I hope 🙂 Well this year I thought we were going to struggle even though our membership increased as we have had some really windy weather over here on the East Coast. But we have managed it! Last year we managed a total of 1,792 hours recorded at the field, this year we are currently at 1,857 hours with the rest of the month to go. Here’s to keeping the trend going.

We’ve Had Some Flying

Well despite the bad weather of recent days we have had a few good ones, perhaps in the eye of a storm, but it mean’t some lucky people could get some air hours in.

A Glorious Day Forecast

Tuesday 11th December 2018 – The forecast is for an excellent day in the midst of a week of grim. There will be club members at the field today if you want to come and see what we do, you will always be made welcome. Checkout the airfield webcams at http://www.flycromer.com  . We look forward to seeing you there.