Fingers Crossed – Flying Again Soon

Under the Governments release from lockdown strategy we are hoping that we can resume flying again on the 29th March 2021. Keep the fingers crossed that the idiot fraternity don’t screw it up for everyone.


The CAA may have found a little wisdom, they have dropped the minimum age requirements for Drones. Does this mean that someone has realised they are extracting the urine for a HOBBY that people have? The CAA website now states:

<QUOTE>28 January 2021 – The UK Government has now removed the minimum age requirement for remote pilots operating a UAS in the Open and Specific categories.

The competency requirements are unchanged, but from this date, the 12 years of age (Open category) and 14 years of age (Specific category) limits no longer apply.

Articles 9 and 9A of the UAS Implementing Regulation (EU 2019/947) have been deleted completely; the full details can be found in Statutory Instrument 2021 No. 10.

CAP 722, CAP 1789A and our factsheets (CAPs 2003-2008 and 2012) will be updated shortly.

We live in hope! 🙂

Actions Justified?

The responsible actions of the host Airfield and the NMFC going into a full lock down state appear to have been fully justified by the continuing high number of daily infections and deaths and yet we still see people ignoring the rules in our local Towns. It really does beg the question ‘What is wrong with people?’

Competition Secretary/Newsletter Editor Resigns

Our Competition Secretary and Newsletter Editor has decided to resign his posts. We thank him for his contributions. The competitions will continue and we will produce a newly revamped and redirected newsletter once or possible twice a year. The first of these will be in January 2021.

Re-opening After Lockdown

As things currently stand and under the Governments directives we are set to re-open on the 3rd December. Seems clarification of the wording was needed and everything now moves from lockdown to the relevant Tier rules on the 2nd December !!

2021 Fee’s

The fee’s for 2021 for the NMFC, BMFA, and the CAA Tax are all staying the same for 2021. A little good news in all the gloom. 🙂


Personally I think someone in the CAA has a warped sense of humour or is it just synicism. Sadly in all this time of turmoil they still have the inclination and drive to penalise the hobbyist. One day into lock down round 2 and the CAA release their latest pearls of wisdom in the guise of CAP 722, their UAS Guidance document for the rules coming to us from 31/12/2020, all 238 pages of it! Well if nothing else I suppose we will all have time to read it as we won’t be flying.