Back to the Air ……. with Proviso’s

It has been decided after considerable debate that in light of the Governments recent relaxing of the regulations the block on model flying is to be lifted from the airfield forthwith. This does not however mean that we can go back to our old ways of doing things, and if there is abuse of the system we shall have to stop again so please, as always let’s use our common sense. We all know the regulations laid out by the Government and we still need to be seen to comply. We are allowed outdoor activities providing we keep social distancing etc. The Committee have discussed this moment in time to some lengths and in the spirit of the regulations we have decided that these points must be obeyed without exception whilst attending our Club site please:

  1. The first person on site will open the caravan to get the windsock out, they will also open the battery charging cupboard outside. The last person at the field will put all away and secure the cupboard and caravan. Only one person at a time in the caravan.
  2. The signing in book will be suspended until the pandemic is over.
  3. Social distancing must be maintained at all times, you are there to fly not congregate.
  4. Only two in the Pilot Box flying at any time.
  5. No guest flying will be permitted until further notice. This relief is for current members only.
  6. No buddy box tuition will be given or available until the pandemic is over.
  7. No equipment is to be shared.
  8. Competitions will remain on hold until further notice.
  9. The airfield Café and toilet block will remain locked and closed.
  10. When parking leave the required distance between cars to maintain social distancing.

We hope this will allow us to get some stick time and to be outdoors which is currently deemed healthier for us. If you want hand sanitizer etc please bring it with you, we do not have any.

The decision whether to come to the field or not is yours and yours alone. If you feel you are in the vulnerable category then common sense should prevail, stay at home. If you show symptoms definitely stay at home. We do not want this to end up as something that can be deemed a mass gathering or people being stupid, so think about what you are doing and how others will deem your actions. The prohibition on General Aviation is still in force.