BBC Presents ‘The Next Air Disaster? Drones’

There will always be someone else to jump into the breach to have a go, the BBC, as part of their Horizon programme have taken a nibble and stepped into the melee. They have had a go at presenting some aspects of the ‘Drones’ problem with their programme entitled ”The Next Air Disaster? Drones” at 21:30 hrs on 1st July on BBC2. I actually thought it was a good programme overall. They were not really interested in the model flying world and hobbyists, other references to multi-rotors, and made little reference to us otherwise. Their attention was on the damage a multi-rotor type drone could cause to an aircraft in flight and what could be done to prevent or stop another Gatwick type incident where flights were cancelled for hours. To this end I felt it was informative and well presented. What it did highlight is the fact that multi-rotors can and have been militarised, a problem obviously caused by the Governments around the World including the UK. So they cause the initial problem and then whinge and penalise those that have been flying legally and with consideration for years as a hobby, Hmmm. This programme did concentrate on the blocking and taking down of errant drones and tracking their operators in the major airports scenario which I am sure we all would agree is needed due to the actions of a mentally retarded minority, yet again. This programme was centred on the multi-rotor type machine due to it’s agility, speed and automation etc. It seems that everyone, TV, Parliamentary Panels, everyday man in the street, and I believe most model flyers accept the fact that the multi-rotor machine would be the weapon of choice for the anti-establishment type flyers, be they rogue or terrorist based. They suit their purposes ideally. This all started with rogue drone flyers showing everyone the problems they could present. People have tried since to solve the problem and this programme presented the positive steps that have been taken to date and some of the results of this work, as opposed to the smoke screen being presented by the Government. An interesting watch I thought and I couldn’t see why the BMFA had a lot of complaints about it.