CAA and the Model Associations

We are all told over and again that the CAA and the Model Associations are now working hand in hand to try to smooth the transition from what we had to what we are to be begrudgingly allowed and yet this seems far from the truth.

I wonder how many Clubs have dug down into the mire that is the CAA website and found Skywise? Out of those that have found it how many Clubs will have registered for their notifications? So how many know of the radio jamming excercises they are carrying on at the moment? How many that didn’t will have suffered lost signals and therefore lost models due to this ignorance?

So when the CAA quietly announce these tests why oh why are they not echoed across the Country by the BMFA, LMA and others? Surely this is in the interests of us all?

I have to believe it is done in such a manner so that it will cause models to go down and therefore people to lose interest in the hobby. Can you come to any other conclusion?