CAA – The Next Step

The net is cast. The next step in the CAA march towards total domination is underway. They have now told all the full size lads and lasses that don’t as yet require transponders that they will pay some towards them having one, so all the paramotors, microlights and gliders will no doubt be rushing out to buy their gizmos. I really do hope that when we have all been forced down the path of conspicuity that we all come out on the same day and time and turn on every bloody one of them, just to see if they really have thought this out and can handle all the data at once. That is if the different equipments will talk to each other! Can you believe this? Hey folks, go out and get electronic conspicuity, but be warned they do not really talk to each other or detect each other but we will still help you to buy one. You really couldn’t make this shit up in your wildest dreams. So as always it is down to you to keep your eyes open. So nothing changes except the weight of your bank balance 🙂 Read it for yourself HERE