Compromise Fails – yet again

I have been accussed of being negative because my view differs to some. I have even been abused and called a Troll for voicing my opinions. Yes I am when it comes to oppression for the sake of oppresion and to me, this is what we have with the CAA/DfT farce that we are being forced to be a part of for no constructive reasons. I have just read through the latest document issued by the CAA. The BMFA have said this was released without consultation, I can see why! What a total and utter load of crap. They have now blatantly said that once they have all of our registration details the goal posts will be moved. We expected this beforehand, due in the main to their mis-informed ideas of the numbers that would register but now they confirm it in writing. They seem to have caught on.

Oh how I wish for once when we are faced with oppresion like this in this modern day and age, that the Associations we have to represent us would grow the balls to unite and stand their ground telling the oppressors to go fu** themselves and issuing a directive to all that we do not register for their hairbrained schemes. Instead they try for mediation and compromise which only ends with us who want and try to do everything correctly getting shafted.