Decision Made – It seems.

Following the relentless work of the BMFA & Co. and all of our submissions, the Dft/CAA have made their final decision on their attack on model aircraft flying. On the surface they appear to have stepped back on several of their desires and wishes, giving the appearance that they have relented under our pressure. Alas, this is not the case as they have slipped in a little crippler to the effect that the goal posts will be moved in June 2020 when they will introduce further regulations. They fail to state what these will be.

It seems that just as happened with the FAA/AMA in the USA, they relent on some points in order to get us all to register. They have stated that the Associations we belong to can collect the fees and registration details for them. Big of them, this has to be so that they can ensure they net as many as they can and have access to our data. Once we are all on record they can move in for the final kill.

The Model Flyers are probably the largest recreational body using the skies today, we outnumber full size recreational flyers considerably which makes us the prime target to clear the skies. This is the first legislative part of the plot to remove everything they can from the lower airspace for their buddies in big business that want to do get rich quick drone delivery schemes. Sadly their plot seems to be working, we already have flyers that do not want the agro over a hobby and are moving away. This in turn weakens the Clubs. How many Clubs will be forced to close? Clubs close which then means the Associations cannot be sustained and they in turn close. Job done. I wonder when they will move on the next group, full size recreational flyers? Drone delivery companies are given the skies, all in the name of their God – Money.

Amongst all of this it seems someone has a sense of humour. They have announced the launch date to access their scheme as the fifth of November this year.