EASA and the CAA

Well we are getting into 2020 and all has gone very quiet. The next attack on model flying is due in June when EASA introduces their next stage of legislation against the European model flyers. Following the lead of the FAA in the United States, I am sure EASA and the CAA will no doubt just fall in line as they have previously done. So why is it all so quiet? I assume that, as has been done in the USA, they are keeping quiet so they can get as many as possible to register and pay their registration tax so they know exactly where they stand and have as many in the net as possible, and money in the bank before starting out on the next level of their attack. So are we financing their attack on us? They know that this will work with the majority of model flyers as on the whole we are a law abiding hobby that over the years have looked to betterment as opposed to rebellion. The next question has to be – will they put out their proposals so we can make a token gesture at comment or will they just drop it on us as law? Again I am sad to say I am erring towards the latter at this stage. Mind you if they do put it out for comment they will ignore what is said as they have set a solid track record for themselves on this. We know the next round will cover conspiquity, constraining where we can fly, and the seperate registration (taxation) of every model you own, because this is what the FAA have already said. We also know that the intent is to hog tie our hobby to reduce the numbers and eventually kill it off, again the FAA have said or implied as much. It is clear now that the model flying hobby has become a thorn in the side of the regulatory bodies. We are in their way and they want to remove us.

The sad thing about all of this is that they are bulldozing through a hobby without offering any substantive reasoning for doing so or any actual supportive evidence to back up their actions, and so far they have gotten away with it. All they have offered are pie in the sky claims that appear fabricated to validate their case and frighten the general public into supporting them. Most of their claims have been discredited. To any level headed member of the public surely this wreaks of people in public office over stepping their mark to achieve what can only be described as biased personal goals, and they are getting away with it!

What has not been mentioned by the Press or the Authoratitive bodies is that when these commercial drones take to the skies in place of us there will be a lot more noise and disturbance. Not mentioned because it is bad press. When you talk about a drone the average person thinks of something like a personal 12-18 inch diameter quad at the most and do not percieve anything larger. I am sure you have all heard full size helicopters flying overhead. How do you tell they are fully laden? They make a lot more noise when they are, this will happen with delivery drones I am sure as it also happens with the models. One point to note is that the delivery drones are a lot larger than our hobby drones and out of necessity have a lot more motors and props. Don’t forget we also have the proposed ‘Taxi’ drones to include as well. In the model World we work to a noise level of 82dB which is way less than your everyday work and garden tools. I wonder what restrictions delivery drones will be working too?

The really sad part of all of this is when the delivery drones project fails they will have destroyed a hobby, destroyed all the supportive businesses that went along with the hobby, and killed the enjoyment and the learning aspect for the next generations that the hobby provided. All so that some fat cat of a businessman and/or politician can make a quick killing and walk away laughing at his bank balance and to Hell with everyone and everything else. We see it everyday. These people only care about one thing – themselves, and corrupt or destroy everything they have contact with.

I am sure that as a race we will achieve a lot more when we focus on Life rather than Finance.