Getting Back on Track

Following all the turmoil which will forever be remembered as Covid, we are still slowly progressing back towards some semblance of normality. It seems the general concensus is that Society needs to move towards herd immunity, or that is how things appear as restrictions are slowly lifted. I suppose we will never really know. Our lives will be forever changed by this and the wierd old World we are creating. Social distancing is now the norm and face coverings in closed spaces. It wasn’t that long ago you had to display your face for the cameras as you entered buildings or panic set in, now if you are not covered over guess what, yep panic sets in.

What is amazing is the inconsiderate and don’t give a shit attitude of hundreds who are solely interested in getting their holiday in with a total and utter disregard for others and the rules. They seem to have the impression they are exempt from rules and immune from Covid or they are simply just bloody thick. I tend to think it is the latter. It would be really interesting to know just how many of the breaking of Covid rules have been penalised. I bet not many, but as I am regularly told, I am a cynic or a grumpy old fart. (These people fail to realise, cynisism comes with experience and age and is therefore earned, which leads to grumpiness. As for the farts well rich foods and aged muscle control have a lot to do with it).

Meanwhile back in our little corner of existence, and most importantly, we are back to the art of model flying, whilst keeping distances and shouting conversations of course 🙂 as youngsters look on bemused at our antics but they humour us as their elders. We have made the decision to restart the competitions for this year, we will have reduced events but it is still viable to complete for the year.