Following on from the positive letter in support of model flying from our local MP, Duncan Baker, to the Minister, he has received a reply in the form of yet another pro-forma letter from the Minister for Aviation, this time Kelly Tolhurst MP. It is a good job paper can be recycled these days as the content was a waste of everone’s time and efforts. We realise we were late getting our MP to participate but a lot of that is due to his commitments, suitable weather and Covid so we expected he would get a ‘Don’t give a sh*t’ response. We were not disappointed. BUT we and he made the effort for which we are really grateful.

I think the biggest clue to their getting fed up with us model flyers was in the title she or rather her minions gave to the reply, it was entitled “FinalResponseFinalResponse to MC…….”. Is she fed up of getting complaints or questions, perhaps another one not suitable to the office they hold? I really do not believe they expected to get the initial fight or lingering response they have been targetted with by the model flying fraternity. So we seem to have yet another aspect of their ill conceived plan based on little research and kindergarten thought processes.

With all the concerns we offer, why is it they always end up refering to the £9 taxation fee? We have told them we don’t give a sh*t about the fee it is an obscenity but it is overshadowed by the bigger obscenity that is their whole proposal. This is what we object to and what they seem to be too hard skinned or dare I say biased to comprehend and accept.

Here is to all the model flyers being a continuing and painful thorn in the side of Governments around the World.