With all the furore and witch hunting going on over Mr Cummings and his lockdown antics no one seems to have passed any comment on the way the press that were hounding him got themselves into the now typically disgusting frenzy chasing him around the street like the bunch of demented morons they so obviously portray themselves to be. In their frenzy most seem to have totally forgotten about the social distancing aspect we are all currently governed by, I assume they believe it does not apply to them as they are ‘reporters’. I use the term loosely. Some of them were so close they appeared to be trying to climb into the car after Mr Cummings. I have to say he held his restraint far better than I would have. The coverage gave the impression that there was no News about so we will have to make it. So much so that even the Anchors seemed to have made their minds up that he was guilty of all accusations. I also think that the Prime Minister held his control well at the evening briefing with ‘reporter’ after ‘reporter’ asking the same bloody stupid questions again and again.