Looking Forward…..

We are always optimistic and looking to the future. We have assumed the CAA and the big corporate entities will not be able to totally screw up model flying for us however hard they try, so with this firmly in mind we have replaced our old site caravan which had sadly reached the end of it’s useful life with a slightly newer one. We have now done most of the work updating it for club use and it is in service.

The online meetings, on the whole, are still a success so we will be keeping these going until the attendance levels do not warrant it. As with all computer based options there are always issues but they are far better these days than in those gone by. We have settled on the Skype option as the meetings are free, unlimited timewise and can host 50 people when I last checked, so more than adequate for our use. Certainly the best option at the moment as we have said before.

I was going to write about Banks, again. Why is everything so difficult with them? I think this one will have to wait, as we are still battling with ours. The local branch is excellent, the main offices where everything ends up, well……. unbelievable.

Our host, Northrepps Aerodrome, have now managed to beat BT into submission and have joined the higher speed fibre network. The airfield Manager has also been busy behind the scenes, as always, and has introduced our very own Flight Radar system along with an automated PPR system for the full size fraternity. The Flight Radar can be found on our website under the full size stuff link. It is listed as ‘Cromer ATOM’ and is in our public area, so please give it a look. It works very well.

Now that we have all adjusted to some degree on how life is to be lived in the future we have taken this in our stride and are still open for new members. So if flying model aircraft is the level you would like to start, try or achieve in the flying World, why not give us a bell, email or just drop in and see us at the field on a nice day and see if the hobby is for you. If it is a hobby that interests you please, please, please DO NOT go out and buy anything until you have a chat with us. Hopefully we can prevent you wasting any of your hard earned money and make the hobby easier on the old bank balance.

Well that’s about it for now, please all keep safe and well and continue to enjoy life. It is generally too short to waste.