Meanwhile…….Back in the Real World, Well Sort Of ;)

Club, BMFA and CAA Fee Collection – 2020 Onwards.

As you all know the BMFA have introduced their new Go Portal system to run the membership side of things. I am sure anyone who had to deal with their old system realised as well as they did that things needed to be updated as a matter of some urgency. There have been the odd teething problems which are expected in the main because of the human factor involved, differing interpretations and the fact it is new and different. However it does seem to be doing the job it was purchased for now.

Going back a step to the human factor involved, this is now you 🙂 The desire behind this shiny new system is that each and every member takes responsibility for their own memberships within our big happy family of model flyers.

Sadly there is always a problem and this is no exception to the rule. The cost to use the Go Portal from a Club perspective is to our mind way too expensive and thus prohibitive. So this all singing, all dancing, Go Portal, will NOT collect all your fee’s in one go because we won’t waste your club money paying them almost £7 per head extra per annum to do so. So from now on you will continue to pay us your club fee but then will need to go to the Go Portal and pay them your subscriptions for the BMFA and if chosen the CAA’s ‘Tax to Fly’ fee.

Still, from our perspective it makes things a lot simpler just having to collect and manage the Club fee, and seeing as we do it for the love of the hobby and the Club, anything that makes it simpler and quicker is a bonus.

This year as a compromise and for the final year we agreed to collect all the fee’s as normal for anyone that renewed straight off at the AGM up to around the first week in January, plenty of time for most. We then paid the BMFA en-bloc along with the CAA fee for any that paid that also. This option has now expired and any further renewals or joiners will need to follow the procedure as laid out above. Our website and membership forms have been adapted accordingly and I hope now reflect the new practice adequately.

As a Club we will not print out your BMFA documents, this is part of your desired use of Go Portal. I will however compromise on this one, if you have trouble finding and downloading your BMFA documents let me know and I will use the Club access to send you a copy by email for you to print. I do not really envisage this being used as it is simple to navigate once you have had a look around.

Please remember also to carry a copy in your radio box. It is much easier to be able to produce when requested than have to follow up at a later date.

The CAA Operator and Pilot Numbers I believe will be issued at the start of February for those who have paid. When these are issued you will then be required to have them on your models.