What a Farce!

I am sure that a majority of us can recall the old dog licence fiasco. A scheme to tax those that decided they wanted a pet dog. A scheme that achieved very little and actually cost to collect and enforce and eventually someone saw sense and had the bottle to say this isn’t workable let’s drop it. I am sure we model flyers number less than the dog owners but we still get targetted by the Government to be taxed for our hobby just as the dog owners were. I am also sure that it is just as much of a fiasco and should be dropped as a gross manifestation of stupidity yet again.

A Slow Relentless Attack on Model Flying…..?

Well it was to be expected wasn’t it? Once they get their grubby little mitts into something they will not let go, on the contrary they will slowly tighten the grip until they choke the life out of something. That is the way of Government taxation and let’s be honest that is all that the CAA fee’s are, a taxation on a hobby. They have recently announced that they are raising the cost for an Operator registration to £10. Why? Surely they clear more than enough to cover the costs that they have imposed on us so it has to be the Government way leading them, raise the cost and keep raising the cost and we can put people off. They had to reduce the inital cost to the £9 from the proposed £16.50 as we were all revolting and up in arms. They should realise we are still as revolting despite our reduced numbers, the trouble is we are trained to accept yearly increase even when there is no justification for it. With the cost of living going up off the scale they should be ashamed of themselves, it truly gives new meaning to the phrase … ‘Arseholes’ – I am sure we all agree.

Well We Didn’t Have to Wait Long – Here We Go Again!

All gone quiet …… hmmm. The powers that be have had time on their hands to sit around and work out what they could impose next to screw with the model aviation hobby. They did not waste time and have decided they now want to restrict the nitromethane content of the fuels we use even further. They just cannot leave well alone can they?

So what are they after now? Well they now wish to reduce the nitromethane content of our fuels from the already reduced 30% to 16%.

Surprise, surprise, they are holding yet another consultation, apparently they are obliged to hold one, but not obliged to heed the results, sadly we have heard and seen this before as well haven’t we. It seems that the E.U. have already introduced this regulation so it doesn’t take a lot to know where we will end up, consultation or no consultation.

If you want to air your opinion go to https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/amendments-to-the-poisons-act-1972/consultation-paper-amendments-to-the-poisons-act-1972

The BMFA have attended a meeting with the Home Office and will be opposing this on our behalf due to its negative impact on those members using high nitro content fuels and would encourage members to respond to the consultation in the same way. 

Don’t forget we also have the legacy drone legislation coming soon. They are hoping everyone has forgotten this no doubt.

Hands up all those that NOW believe our hobby is being ruled by bureaucrats who have no idea or interest in what the hobby is about? All they want is us out of the airspace totally. They will restrict and legislate to the hilt so that we lose interest and the will to fight. They eventually win total control of the airspace for their masters, those with their own commercial interests.

Another Nail in the Coffin

We recently had the Kings Lynn Club kicked off their flying patch of many years for basically the same reasons being put forward by The Dartmoor National Park Authority who have now decided that they want to stop gliding on the Moors with a load of totally inconsequential reasons being put forward by them. It never ceases to amaze how a body like this can get a bee in it’s bonnet due to some totally unfounded spoutings of some imbecile but when presented by evidence to the contrary to these spoutings by us we are ignored. In this day and age it does beg the question – Who is getting the back hander here? Sadly the powers that be will no doubt bow to an Association like this and the ban will be imposed. We have proven over the years that we are a responsible bunch on the whole, but this is seldom taken into account and we are deemed a nuisance to be gotten rid of. One of the reasons put forward is Cultural Heritage. Surely this should include the hundred year heritage of model aviation or is this too short sighted on our part?

Achievements 2021

We have managed despite the turmoil of this year to achieve our set goals and have completed the last task on our list with thanks to our host, Northrepps Airfield. We now have a Wi-Fi connection. This means we now have mains, camera and Wi-Fi at our caravan.

Moving Ahead…………….

Infections are continuing to rise but the deaths and hospital admissions are fairly stable. I am sure we all see now that we will at some time get Covid and be confined. The great news is we should not die or be admitted to hospital with it now following the great vaccination program. It would be interesting to know if those that are dying now have had their jabs or not as believe it or not people are still refusing it. Ah well, had both of mine and will be head of the queue for the third top up one as well. Keep safe and keep flying.

The Time Has Come to Move Forward

We have been continually monitoring our risk assessment for Covid as required and have now made the decision to remove the rule of wearing face coverings at the field. Most if not all our members should have by now received at least their first vaccination so it seems the time is right to move forward. We have done what we could when needed to maintain the safety of our members and still let them fly if they so wished, as and when we were allowed to. We will re-open our doors to visitors as well, all we ask of them is that they honour the distancing rules. We still need to keep safe but we do need to now keep moving forward out of this troubled time. Hope to see you at the field soon.

Back at the Field

We managed to get a couple of days flying in on the 30th and 31st March to break us in gently, then the weather deteriorated again, now that wasn’t expected was it? 🙂 Those that attended had a good session and all managed to keep their distances fairly well and had their face coverings as added protection. The bench spacings and protocols seem to work fine for us.

We cannot entertain visitors as yet but we can have potential new members as we are currently members only. Let us hope we are on the final road out of Covid.