Phoenix 2400 – R.I.P.

Most of you know I loved this glider, it was excellent at going up, and there started the problem. It wouldn’t come down! Well, properly I mean. I hit a rather large thermal on the 4th July and it shot up like the proverbial scalded cat. It didn’t matter where I aimed it, it just kept on going up until it was a little dot in the sky. The sky was lovely and blue and it didn’t cause any VLOS problems but it needed to come down, so a nice gentle dive should do. Wrong, and in a big way. As soon as she dived and the airspeed built she refused to answer the controls, even when switched to 100%. She came down vertically into the crops to be totalled. Everything that was still connected checked out as working okay. I stand to be corrected but I believe the foam control surfaces and linkages did not have the strength to control the airflow and were being basically held in place against the action of the servo resulting in the control linkages bending instead of moving the surfaces. I assume there was a fair bit of distortion taking place even though the main control surfaces were braced with what looks like carbon strips I don’t believe they were sufficiently strong enough for the model. So I have to change my recommendation to don’t go and buy this one as you will no doubt come to regret it, unless you feel you can strengthen the control surfaces and probably more importantly the actuating linkages sufficiently before flying it. I have messaged Volantex through one of their dealers to advise of the problem. Forever the cynic my information has probably been binned. But I made the effort.