So, What’s Next Them?

According to our Associations latest updates, the CAA have released their next update, which was to put bits right but got other bits wrong. Sounds a familiar path by now doesn’t it? With the figures being in, the BMFA reckon they did 18,500 registrations which I think was about as good as could be expected in the circumstances. That means the CAA have a massive £166,500 in their sticky little mitts compliments of the model flyers. Oops a bit short of their £2M. So what’s next? Perhaps a teddy tossing session or write the whole f**k up off as a bad loss and leave well alone. My money is on the teddy tossing, what do you reckon?

The population of Great Britain is in excess of 66 million but the Government are worrying about, penalising and harassing a mere lets round it up 20,000 of us. No ulterior motive? No kickbacks? No way Jose.