Stupidity Reigns Supreme

Comprehension seems to have been lost these days that Public bodies must act fairly. They must be, and be seen to be, impartial. They must not allow decisions to be taken by people who have a financial interest in the outcome or a personal relationship with one of the parties. If there are procedures laid down by law they must follow them. For example, a public body may be under a duty to consult people who it believes may be affected by a decision before the decision is made, perhaps by law that says there is such a duty, or perhaps because people have been consulted in the past and so have a reasonable expectation that they will be consulted again. Sadly although they may need to consult people, they DO NOT need to pay any attention to what is said as we all know only too well in the Model Flying World.

It would appear that the initial onslaught against Model Flying was not enough we now await with baited breath the imposition of the gems that are going to come from the EASA brains in June. In the past Europe has followed the USA like sheep. If the latest release from the USA FAA is anything to go by we are going to have a lot of Model Flyers that will turn around and say ‘Fu** You’ and continue to fly without compliance, and quite rightly so as this has got to be one of the most stupid of legal attacks against a hobby ever perpetrated. The rules for Model Flying will far outweight the rules, regulations and requirements for full size flying – Stupidity Reigns Supreme.

At least the FAA in the US have now openly stated that it believes this will drastically reduce the number of ‘Drone’ flyers out there. Is this the mist beginning to thin and their true objectives starting to appear? Of course it is!

Peter Scott, our Club Newsletter Editor, has provided a summary/comment on the FAA document of proposals here.