The Madness of Power

I think it is nice to know who is responsible for killing large numbers of people around the World even when they shrink off into their dark little Worlds and deny it incase the populace may revolt against them in large numbers that they cannot combat. Some may remember when the SARS virus escaped from an institute in Beijing, China some years back. You would think that the demented moron’s responsible would have learned their lesson, but alas it seems not. We now have Covid-19, another strain of SARS, which again appears to have been let loose on the World, this time from Wuhan, China. Why does it appear so? Well guess what, the Jiangxia District of Wuhan is home of the pride of China’s Institute of Virology to use one of it’s names. Strange that isn’t it. Too much of a coincidence? Of course it is. I wonder how many they will kill this time and walk away scott free? These imbeciles will not be happy until they let something out that will wipe humanity from the face of the planet. If they put the effort and money being spent to better use, what a World this could be. Sadly, this will never happen because of the greed and stupidity of those that hold the reins of power. How many times have we said this and how many more will we have to?