The Pinocchio Syndrome – What does the Future Hold?

This is the big question isn’t it? All the wind up that went along with the insane ideas of EASA/DfT/CAA along with all the idiots that jumped out of their little hidey holes in support, made everyone wonder the why’s and the wherefores of the whole scheme and caused us to seriously question the sanity of the perpetrators who all seemed to knee jerk on ill founded information. Sadly the general public today seem to soak up all the baloney thrown their way and slowly a wall of ill-will gets built. We all know the scheme does absolutely nothing for the model flyers, achieves absolutely nothing towards stopping the likes of Gatwick happening again and doesn’t even encroach on the Terrorist aspect of useage, but they have had to convince the public it will. So we all still ask ‘What is the reasoning behind it all?’ We will never probably know as it seems an occupational trait that none of them have the ability to give a straight answer. A qualification of office?

The initial directive was that they were to have as little effect as possible on the model flyers and associated business support. We can now see that this has basically been ignored. They have forced a lot to fly illegally, go underground or leave the hobby in disgust because of the attitude they have shown and the ill considered actions they have taken. Their actions have already shown numbers in Clubs diminishing which in turn will affect the Associations and subsequently the businesses that support our hobby, and still they give no straight answers as to why!

As you know I believe the whole idea behind this is to get us all out of the air. This is the reason we should all stay. Give them the middle finger, play their stupid games, do the registration and keep flying. Spread the word, get more Clubs set up so we blanket the Country with more and more of us. This will thwart their games and those of the businesses I believe are behind them, hence ‘The Pinocchio Syndrome’, simply, they are puppets being manipulated by hidden concerns above and/or behind them.