We Need to Unite As One – Worldwide

It is not doom and gloom, it is a scenario that is playing out at the behest of big money enterprises and politics. All against a hobby. It has already been proven that where one Authority, such as the FAA/CAA or EASA for instance, lead, others will follow. We need to do the same within the Model Flying World. The Authorities are relying on the fact this will never happen. When I say unite as one I mean from the base up. All members of all Clubs working together instead of in cliques fighting each other, the Clubs working as one within the Associations, the Associations working as one within the Hobby. The Dealers backing all the Clubs and Associations and vice versa. When I say Worldwide I mean Worldwide. It is no good one Country standing firm if others are wallowing in self pity. We need to fight as one united body across the World, now; if we are to stand any chance of remaining in existance as a hobby. This is why the Authorities are laughing all the way to the bank. They are relying on the fact that this will never be co-ordinated and will therefore never happen. It is nigh on impossible to get everyone to act together in this fashion because it is inherent in us all. It has been built into us over decades for one purpose and one purpose only, to enable easier management.
As mentioned already, working from the base up, in Clubs you get little cliques develop that cause rifts and never meet agreement in anything. Clubs compete against each other instead of working together for the betterment of the hobby, united in the interest of the hobby. Associations compete against each other, although this one does seem to have mellowed a bit of late, it appears. The powers that be do not want this to happen because they know if we were to unite as one we would in all probability become the biggest body within aviation, number wise. Being the largest body speaking as one would put us in a position whereby we could at least be heard. It will never put us in a position to dictate, and to be honest I don’t believe we want or expect this. Just to be heard and appreciated would suffice.
Yes, we have some big problems, the main one being the commercial bodies want all the airspace to themselves. They have a lot of money invested and will keep on throwing it at the problem to fulfil their desires, because they are working as one. Money and greed has a way of being able to achieve this. I think we must all now agree, we are seen as their main problem.
The News agencies have already proven their bias and have stooped to the lows of using subliminal pictures in their biased coverage as I have mentioned previous. They only ever seem to report the down side for the hobby or the positives for the commercial side. But then you would expect this as they will be getting paid to do so. Unbiased reporting died a long time ago.
I believe and keep on saying, it is now a well proven fact, everything that can be done to get us out of the air they are and will continue to do. If we do not unite in this fight we will be pushed out of existence. Even the illegal flyers will disappear once the dealers close and supplies dry up.
The time has come to unite and be heard. Sadly, our Associations should be the ones to call everyone together and are the one’s in a position to do this as they proved already with their first request that got 11,000 plus responses (It should have been a lot more, sadly), but all has now gone quiet. We all need to ask ‘What is happening, what are you doing, what do you want or need us to do next?’ They need our motivation and backing.