What Are They trying to Achieve?

On first reading of the Science & Technology groups report there is really one thing that stands out to me as prominent above all the rest and is set to be the make or break potentially – Conspicuity.

It is recommended that ALL models new and old be fitted with a system for conspicuity within two years. How on earth do we go about this? Does it have to be a part of our radio system or perhaps a universal plug in module? Does it mean we all have to go out and buy new radio gear or plug in components? Conspicuity is cost prohibitive and totally impractical for some full size flying so it seems a no brainer prohibitive and unnecessary for model flying. No one says or even hints at the solution. I don’t believe they know or have a clue. Next comes the power requirement to drive such a system to give it a workable range. What range do they want us detectable at? How much power will this require? How does this type of gear and power fit into our models which are usually fairly full and tight for space as is? As usual, a recommendation that on the surface appears to have little or no thought behind the practicality of implementation.

I suppose again we shall have to see who comes up with what solution and can rip the arse out of the market trying to take the modeller for even more money. So we have to pay for new equipment, we have to pay to register in duplicate (We are already registered with our Associations), we have to do a stupid online test which someone believes will make us safer flyers, unbelievable. All of this to achieve what end? So we can fly as we do now and justify some sad power jockey’s existence?

How many I wonder now believe as I do that this is all a conspiracy? Look at it all logically, if it is not a conspiracy then it is total and utter incompetence. I hesitate here as it is a 50 50 choice. So the next question has to be what does any of this achieve at the end of the day if it goes ahead?

They penalise the law abiding model flyers by forcing a duplicate registration scheme and they charge us for the privilege.
They impose a stupid test that will achieve nothing.
They propose the need for more equipment again at our expense.
They propose equipment in models that we will have problems fitting.
The Terrorist/Anti social flyer will never be affected by this legislation – obviously.
They threaten the law abiding flyers of action by Police for none compliance.
By these actions they are already forcing a percentile withdrawal from the hobby and this I believe is the bottom line. They want model flyers out of the air space in totality. Why? Because someone else wants to use it to the exclusion of everyone else they can get rid of. Now ask yourself, I wonder who that could be?

There are no pros to this scheme that anyone with sense could possibly see as it does not achieve anything of a positive nature for anyone other than Drone Delivery get rich quick schemes.